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The CardMarte Vision is to establish a strong economy and a better quality of life through the power of remittances and prepaid card products.

Regulatory Guidelines

CardMarte Standards
CardMarte adheres to regulatory guidelines associated with prepaid card transactions. CardMarte complies with guidelines related to Mastercard® cards. CardMarte card programs and related sales and marketing materials are approved by MetaBank® and Mastercard International Incorporated.

The USA PATRIOT Act was amended following the events of September 11, 2001 to increase the scrutiny of financial transactions for antiterrorism support. Regarding prepaid cards, there are specific guidelines around identification and screening (Office of Foreign Assets Control [OFAC Database]) of applicants and the loading and use of funds. CardMarte is in compliance with these guidelines and screening processes. USA Patriot Act - Read more >>>

Card Program Guidelines
Each card program will be designed and customized for each program’s specific needs while maintaining compliance with rules and regulations of the prepaid card industry.

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